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Updating Your Google My Business COVID-19 Status As Your Property Eases Back To "Normal"

Google has made a variety of changes to the Google "Local Pack" since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition to placing a hold on any new reviews being posted to your Google My Business listing, the search giant also added a COVID-19 Update section. This portion of your local Google listing (pictured here) allows your communities to provide residents and prospects with updates regarding your policies and procedures onsite.

As states slowly begin to open up businesses across the country, your community is likely preparing to do the same with certain amenity spaces and new touring options. As you make adjustments to your multifamily digital marketing strategies and to your tour processes, amenity openings, and onsite staff schedules in the coming days, weeks, and potentially months, be sure to update the COVID-19 section of your Google My Business listing for your properties. Doing so will better inform your prospects, educate your residents, and allow for smoother operations for your onsite teams.



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