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The Rise of Zero-Click Online Search: Preparing Your Multifamily Marketing Strategy

With our new digital norm, your properties' online presence, virtual capabilities, tracking, and content are arguably now more important than ever- especially as Summer leasing season approaches. To make multifamily marketing and leasing efforts even trickier during these bizarre times, a trend among online users has emerged to further complicate the matter...Introducing zero-click search.

As reported by Jumpshot in Search Engine Land last year, “for the first time, the majority of Google searches (50.33%) ended without a click on an organic or paid search result.” In essence, online users are searching online, they’re getting their answers based on what appears on the search engine results page (SERP), and then moving on without interacting or engaging. It's important to note that online behavior is steering away from direcly clicking through the listings and ads that marketers pay for.

iPhone Showing Google Search Engine Results Page
The increase of zero click search behavior puts a greater need to make sure all of your ads are transparent and as up to date as possible.

As we prepare for the Summer leasing season combined with social distancing best-practices, zero-click search makes it ever more important to make sure your Google Ads are as up to date as possible every day and week. If a user was to search for “Apartments in Plano, Texas,” for example, you would want to ensure that your latest leasing special, bedroom types, and starting at pricing are shown on your Google Ads and extensions. Ensuring your ads are up to date week in and week out will educate your prospects about your brand and pricing on the SERP without falling prisoner to zero-click behavior. In doing so, you provide the exact details of what your communities offer at the time of that user’s search should your ad appear.

Updating your ad copy weekly may seem like common sense, but with zero-click online behavior becoming a larger part of user behavior, the importance of your ads educating your prospects is increasing tremendously. Rather than stating your property name with headlines such as "now leasing" or "lease today," look for ways to educate your prospects. Doing so will bring those who are serious prospects further down the buying funnel and make for a better use of ad costs and your onsite leasing team's time.


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