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Street Digital Media Increases Lead Volume By 23x For South Florida Lease Up

On June 1, 2020, Street Digital Media was hired to launch the pay-per-click and paid social media ad campaign for The Rise at Flagler Village, a brand new, 348-unit high rise in the highly competitive, downtown Fort Lauderdale market. The 31-story lease up was previously using another multifamily digital marketing agency, but was failing to gain the traffic and leasing velocity needed to meet absorption goals. Street Digital Media was hired to audit the current strategy in place and to launch a revised digital marketing plan to improve lead quality and leasing performance. In the pay-per-click campaign's first month, SDM increased phone calls by 23x (70 in June vs. 3 in May) while leases improved to 14 in June vs. 3 the previous month. Overall website performance improved significantly as well. Street Digital Media helped reduce the PPC traffic bounce rate by 51.8%, increase website pages/session for PPC traffic by 19.6%, and increase PPC average session duration on the property website by 93.74%. Below is a summary of the improved performance comparing the prior agency's performance in May to Street's performance in June.

During our audit and prior to the launch of our strategy, Street Digital Media found that over $300 in ad spend had been spent on search terms associated with "cheap," "affordable," "senior," and "active living" keywords in the month of May. At launch, Street ensured that the PPC campaign would not show for such terms, leading to increased clicks and impressions for more qualified online searches. The adjustment allowed for a substantial increase in quality traffic led to the onsite leasing team, which resulted in the 466% increase in lease volume month over month.

In addition to driving more quality traffic to the property website, Street Digital Media improved the website page speed performance by 49% and decreased load time by over 8 seconds. The change led to increased user engagement on the property website, lower bounce rate, increased website events, and lower cost per click in the Google and Facebook auction for paid ads. The improved quality of the website, leads to a cost savings per click in the property's digital marketing campaigns and better ROI for your ad spend.

If you are interested in a free consultation and audit of your current digital marketing strategy to see how you can improve performance, please email Donald Kleckner at


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