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Street Digital Media Helps Increase Leads 2.5x For Portland Lease Up

The Rise Central serves home to brand new studio, one, and two bedroom apartments and townhomes in downtown Beaverton, Oregon- just outside of downtown Portland. In September, Street Digital Media took over the digital marketing strategy from the property's prior agency as the lease up was struggling to attract traffic and achieve its absorption goals. SDM revamped the lease up's search engine marketing strategy to help turn the struggling development around.

After it's first full calendar month of operation, Street Digital's SEM campaign contributed to a 2.5x increase in leads, which helped the property secure 22 leases in the month of October. In comparison to The Rise's prior agency, Street Digital Media has already increased SEM website traffic by 54.8%, new website users by 51.8%, and average session duration on the property website by 19.4% all with the same marketing budget. The Google Ads account is operating at a highly successful rate- achieving an 11.11% click through rate and 82.27% Top Impression Share- giving it top presence in the Portland market. With the SEM campaign contributing to 47% of all website leads in October while still optimizing, The Rise Central is looking to continue its leasing success as 2020 begins to come to a close.


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