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SDM Takes Class A Developer's Digital Strategy To New Heights

As a boutique digital marketing agency whose multifamily experience stems from some of the industry's largest and most respected property management companies- Greystar, Pinnacle, and ZRS Management- Street Digital Media offers a unique, multifamily approach to digital marketing. The agency's proactive and weekly communication with onsite property managers aims to bridge the gap between multifamily operations and digital marketing strategies that asset managers can understand and appreciate. SDM's most recent partnership with Class A developer and management provider, Flournoy Companies, shows just how a digital marketing agency with corporate multifamily marketing experience can elevate search engine marketing performance.

Before and after comparisons to Flournoy's previous Google Ads provider show that SDM significantly increased the quantity and quality of the traffic being directed to the developer's Class A assets. The company's premier lease ups and stabilized communities in Texas, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina saw an immediate 25.25% increase in new traffic as a result of Street Digital's SEM campaigns. Not only has traffic

increased, but so has the quality. SDM's Search Engine Marketing Campaigns have accounted for 96% of all website leads since the partnership began and have led to an 11.90% decrease in bounce rate. Newly promoted Vice President of Marketing, Joanna Harry, has been a pivotal part of Flournoy's innovative digital marketing strategy and transition. Led by new President & CEO, Joe Renaud, Flournoy is positioning itself as a premier Class A developer and management provider in the Southeast's top primary and secondary markets.

Together, Flournoy and Street Digital Media have combined to create a detailed marketing strategy that takes floor plan occupancy, renewal ratios, and market conditions into consideration. By combining multifamily operational KPIs with online behavior and Google Ads data, Flournoy and SDM have enabled its properties' digital strategies to flourish in a time where digital marketing strategy is arguably now more important than ever.



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