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Quality Over Quantity: Using Price Extensions To Inform Your Prospects

The multifamily industry has been hearing from their advertising vendors for what seems like centuries, "we give you quality leads, not quantity." While asset managers and owners always seem to be in dire need for "more traffic," having well-informed, bottom funnel prospects contact your onsite team for leasing and tour information vs. unqualified leads is of substantial value. While your ILS ads are showing (or should show) live pricing and availability for your apartment communities, multifamily marketing teams can take matters further when managing their Google Ads campaigns to better inform prospective renters.

Mobile Google Ads With Price Extension
Adding Price Extensions To Your Multifamily Google Ads Helps Inform Your Prospective Renters

In come price extensions (pictured left). These ad extensions can be applied at the campaign or account level for your multifamily search engine marketing campaigns. The extension allows you to display pricing at the floor plan level to better inform prospective renters when they see your ads. An added benefit, is the extension allows your ad to take up more real estate on the search engine results page- making it more visible for

prospects to see and read. By providing your pricing on your Google Ads, you are able to inform unqualified traffic upfront and avoid spending unnecessary ad dollars on clicks, improve website engagement from qualified leads, and use your leasing team's time more wisely.

If you have any questions on how to apply price extensions to your multifamily marketing campaigns, feel free to contact Street Digital Media at


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