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Online Apartment Searches Continue Steady Increase As States Begin To Reopen

Short-term, positive signs continue to emerge for the multifamily industry as states throughout the country progress through their various stages of reopening. As of May 20th, 90.8% of apartment households have made full or partial rent payment according to the NMHC. While major accommodations have been put in place throughout the rental industry over the course of the global pandemic, the good news of rent collections is accompanied by signs of what could be a "normal" summer leasing season. Below shows a steady increase over the past 60 days for online Google searches for apartments for rent in the U.S. The uptick in online searches for apartments shows positive signs and opportunity for multifamily marketing strategies leading into the busy season. While proper leasing accommodations should be maintained in accordance with state guidelines, multifamily marketing strategies should be well prepared for Summer digital traffic.


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