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Multifamily to Benefit From YouTube's Easy-To-Use Video Builder

As leasing and property management marketing teams continue to create "at-home" video content to help with online leasing efforts, YouTube has rolled out a new feature to help. Announced earlier this week, YouTube has created YouTube Video Builder, a do-it-yourself branded video platform, to help make those at-home videos for your properties more professional. The new feature allows for easy editing to logos, text, and music for 6 and 15 second clips that can be added to your property's YouTube channel. Below is a brief tutorial from YouTube that you can share with your onsite leasing teams. To gain access to Video Builder, you simply have to send YouTube a submission with your email address and they will email you once you are granted access.

The :15 clips can be fun ways for your leasing teams to highlight the features and amenities of your communities. Your multifamily marketing team can upload them to your YouTube account as well as share on your community social media. For more information on how to utilize video ads for your multifamily marketing strategy, feel free to email



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