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Multifamily's Google Ads Market Survey

Do you ever Google your targeted keywords and find that you see your competitors'

ads instead of your own? Well first, when your digital marketing agency launches a new PPC account for you, they should ask for your IP address. This allows them to block ads from showing to you when you search for keywords related to your PPC account. In doing so, they ensure that your search behavior won't negatively impact the performance of the campaigns, decrease your click through rate, waste impressions, or even cost your property ad dollars. Second, the result of seeing your competitors' ads likely makes you want to know how to beat them in the Google Ads auction. So, how do you find out how your multifamily pay per click campaigns are performing vs. those of your comps?

For years, multifamily has relied on the infamous market survey. Monday "call arounds" still exist for many while others have evolved to more automated, market driven data platforms to keep them informed of pricing, occupancy, and leasing velocity in the market. Wouldn't it be great if a market survey existed to show how your Google Ads account was performing compared to your competitors? It turns out a "multifamily digital marketing market survey" exists today. Our team has access to show how our campaign(s) overlap, outrank, or show above or below our competition's ads. Informing our clients of the main KPIs in digital marketing are important, but we also find it necessary for us to inform one another of how the property is performing in the market- online and locally. While it's important to stay focused on your own keyword and PPC strategy, knowing how you stack up against the competition can lead to some insightful shifts in strategy based on your leasing velocity, traffic needs, and current occupancy. If you have any questions on how these can impact your strategy, feel free to contact us at


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