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Multifamily Marketers Gain Greater Insight with New Google Ads Update

Keyword strategy is one of, if not the most, important contributors to a well-performing multifamily PPC marketing campaign. To ensure top performance for your communities, your multifamily marketing agency is responsible for optimizing your campaign to show more frequently for better performing keywords. What many don't discuss enough, is the value of negative keywords- the search terms that you don't want your campaign to show for on the Google search engine results page (SERP). While it is crucial that all of your PPC campaigns have strategic keywords lists, your campaign's success heavily relies on your negative keywords as well.

Google Analytics Report
Google Ads' new enhancement provides greater insight and transparency into Search campaign performance with addition of Impressions to Search terms reporting.

Over the past few years, Google and the digital marketing industry have taken significant steps towards protecting user privacy, data, and behavior. As a result, some of the previous data that digital marketers once had are no longer- thus, limiting previous tracking insights. Fortunately, Google's recent change to Google Ads will give multifamily marketers and digital ad agencies greater insight into their campaigns, allowing for better and more efficient optimization. Prior to Google's recent announcement, multifamily PPC agency's only had insight into prospect keyword searches that led to clicks on their ads. Google's latest announcement, however, states that not only will Google Ads provide insight into the keyword searches that led to clicks, but also those that led to impressions (i.e. the searches that caused your ads to appear online). While it may not sound like a groundbreaking announcement to many, the change will provide more data/keyword search terms for your PPC managers to work off of when optimizing your campaigns. When managed actively and consistently, this new feature will give your campaigns the opportunity to optimize more effectively and efficiently for the keywords you want to show for. The change provides greater transparency for multifamily marketers and more data for strategic optimization decisions to work off of.


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