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The Rise of Zero-Click Online Search: Preparing Your Multifamily Marketing Strategy For The Future

With the current worldwide pandemic, your property's online presence and content are not arguably more important than ever as summer leasing season approaches. There is no better time than now to make sure your digital presence is well prepared to attract prospects to you vs. the comp next door. As multifamily continues to debate the most appropriate attribution model of digital advertising in the prospect journey, a trend among online users has emerged to further complicate the matter.

iPhone Showing Google Search Engine Results Page
The increase of zero click search behavior puts a greater need to make sure all of your ads are transparent and as up to date as possible.

Introducing zero-click search. As reported by Jumpshot in Search Engine Land last year, “for the first time, the majority of Google searches (50.33%) ended without a click on an organic or paid search result.” In essence, online users are searching, they’re getting their answers based on what appears on the search engine results page (SERP), and then moving on without interacting or engaging. While these stats are not specific to multifamily, it is important to note that online behavior is steering away from interacting with the listings and ads that marketers pay for.

As we prepare for the Summer leasing season combined with social distancing best-practices, zero-click search makes it ever more important to make sure your price extensions, structured snippets, ad copy, and headlines on your Google Ads are as up to date as possible every day and week. If a user was to search for “Apartments in Plano, Texas,” for example, you would want to ensure that your latest leasing special, bedroom types, and starting at pricing are shown on your Google Ads and extensions. Ensuring your ads are up to date week in and week out will entice prospects to learn more about your community and stay informed of what you offer without falling prisoner to zero-click behavior. In doing so, you provide the exact details of what your communities offer at the time of that user’s search should your ad appear.

Updating your ad copy and price extensions may seem like common sense, but with zero-click online behavior becoming a larger part of online user behavior, the importance continues to increase more and more. How often are you updating your price extensions, ad copy, or headline specials with your current agency for your current communities? At Street Digital Media, we stress the importance of updating ad content and copy as the core of our strategy. We aim to make sure your ads reflect the latest loss leader pricing for those hard to move units and upfront concessions to show prospects the value they’ll get with moving to your community, just as a few examples. As Summer approaches make sure you put in place the proper measures to do the same.



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