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Is Your Website Hurting Your Digital Marketing?

Given the monopolistic landscape of today's internet listing services, multifamily marketing teams have an even greater need to create standout strategies to drive prospects to their property websites. Carefully curated content, quality ratings and reviews, up-to-date local listings, tailored SEM strategies, and brand awareness efforts all tie back to showing your floor plans, pricing, and availability on your property website. But, what if all that digital ad spend was taking prospects to a website that did more harm than you think? It turns out that slow mobile and desktop page speeds can be detrimental to your multifamily marketing strategy and actually increase the need for higher marketing budgets to compensate.

Slower page speeds often increase bounce rates and drop off rates on your homepage because prospects get impatient and leave due to slow load times. Perhaps most importantly, slow page speed will increase your need to bid higher in the Google and Facebook auctions for your multifamily PPC and social media advertising campaigns. Thus, you have to spend more ad dollars to drive each piece of traffic to your site. If you can improve your page speed, that bid can be reduced due to your better landing page experience, which Google and Facebook take into account in their auctions.

Running a Page Speed Insights report allows you to determine your desktop and mobile page speed, which shows how quickly (or slowly) your website renders. Your website scores are given on a scale of 1-100 (100 being the best) with recommendations on how to improve your score. Suggestions for improvement can vary from simply needing to compress your media- photos and videos- to more technical web development adjustments that your web developer can assist with. Select the link above and type in your websites to see what your scores are. There is likely tremendous opportunity for you to increase your page speed, which will have a tremendous impact on your website performance metrics, SEM, and social media campaigns for your multifamily marketing strategies.



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