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How To Show Up On Google's Map For Apartment Searches

It's been up for debate regarding how significant your local directory listings, and even more specifically your Google My Business listing, have on your local SEO presence. With all that has happened this year, Google has made your GMB listing even more important than ever before. This is largely due to Google adapting the knowledge panel with COVID specific updates like- takeout services, video conferencing, curbside pick-up, etc. for small businesses. While it's unlikely your multifamily community offers curbside takeout, the rules still apply to apartment communities and businesses everywhere. So, what are the main things to keep in mind as it pertains to your multifamily Google My Business listing, so it has the most positive impact on your local presence within Google's "map pack?"

  1. Primary GMB Category- Make sure you list your multifamily apartment community under the "Apartment Building" category. That way, when prospects look on the Google map for apartments around them, your community is more likely to show.

  2. Keywords In Your Brand Name- If your community is located in a specific part of town, it's important to include that neighborhood identifier in your brand name. Rather than calling your community "The Residences," for example, it's best to include the specific location in the name- "The Residences Midtown Apartments." Having these keywords in your brand name will help populate your community on the Google Map Pack when prospects look for "midtown apartments."

  3. Keywords in Reviews- There has been a significant focus on online reviews in multifamily over the past 5+ years. Not only can reviews help from a custom service and PR perspective, but having keywords in your reviews and responses can also help increase your presence on the Google Map. Keep this in mind when you are responding to your GMB reviews to help increase your presence.

  4. Content & Verification- As the saying goes, "content is king." Make sure that your GMB listings for your communities are verified with Google and that all content is thorough and up to date. Be sure to upload all photography and videos along with operational hours and appointment setting links.

Additional, more technical steps can be made such as inbound links, keyword strategy on your homepage, etc. to take this to an even higher level. However, these are some simple and fairly immediate steps that can be made to increase your local presence online.


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