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Google Testing Larger Ad Headline Text for PPC Ads

Multifamily Google Ads continue to be the highest driver of prospect traffic to apartment community websites. Perhaps more importantly, this channel proves to be the most nimble and strategic digital marketing avenue in the industry. Marketers have the ability to actively adjust their strategy based on the changes and needs of their multifamily properties vs. more "static" ILS ads. Headline and extension ad copy, keyword strategy, and price extensions are just a few ways to update your Google Ads accounts to drive the traffic you need based on changes to floor plan pricing, concessions, and vacancy. In a new test that will make the proactive management of your PPC headline copy even more important, Google is testing increased font size for the first headlines of Google Ads. Examples of the increased font size have been captured by PPCHub and Search Engine Land (example shown below courtesy of Search Engine Land).

The significance of the test is twofold. First, the increased font size will likely lead to increased click through rates for ads that show in the top placement on the search engine results page (SERP). If the top placement and increased font size proves to be extremely significant in increasing lead volume and traffic to multifamily community websites, the highly sought after top placement may become even more important to achieve. This will require more hands on management of PPC campaigns and match types and could lead to increased competition/higher costs for the top spot. Second, this change puts a larger focus on the headline ad copy of your Google Ads. We make sure to update the headline copy each week at a minimum for our multifamily clients to ensure we are actively promoting the latest pricing and upfront concessions. In doing so, we can guarantee that we are informing prospects of the latest starting pricing by floor plan and updated leasing specials. This allows us to drive more informed prospects to the property websites and making their click more valuable and knowledgeable than if we had a generic headline.

The change will be interesting to monitor. Google is constantly testing new ideas in the world of search advertising- some pan out and some do not. Nevertheless, the increased font size could highlight a significant need for more proactive management of your Google Ads headlines and keyword strategy based on pricing, concessions, and occupancy needs at your communities.


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