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Google Opens Image Ad Extension Beta

Last month, we wrote a brief article on Google's closed beta test for Google Ad Image Extensions. The extensions allow digital marketers to add thumbnail images to appear to the right of their Google Search Ads when their ads show on the SERP. This week, Google announced they are now opening up its beta test to additional Google Ad marketers, showing promising signs that image extensions could be a thing of the future for paid search campaigns.

For multifamily search engine marketing strategies, the ability to add images to your ads creates a great opportunity to better inform prospects of your product type before they click your ads (and before you pay). Furthermore, the ability to add strategic photos to your campaigns within your property's ad account will allow multifamily marketers to display images that are more geared to a prospect's search. Depending on your Google Ads account structure, multifamily marketers will be able to show exterior images of their high rise apartment building for searches like "brand new high rise apartments" or "high rise apartments near me," as an example. For pet friendly apartment searches, multifamily marketers would be able to add photos of their dog park or dog washing station. The addition of image extensions creates an opportunity to customize your ad copy and imagery even more towards your prospects based on their search query.

If and when image extensions are introduced to multifamily, the industry will have an increased ability to visually display what apartment communities offer based on specific searches. This will increase the level of involvement in managing the campaigns themselves, but should lead to more qualified traffic to your property websites. Real estate is visual after all- prospects want to see where they live before making a decision. It is likely that our new digital world and COVID-19 have pushed Google to roll this out faster as the SERP becomes more and more like a storefront than ever before. Adding visuals to search ads creates a better user experience and an opportunity to better inform online consumers. Image extensions would be a welcome introduction to multifamily paid search campaigns.


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