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Google Ads Focuses On Image Extension Testing. How Multifamily PPC Strategies Would Benefit.

Google has decided to continue moving forward with its closed beta testing of Image Extensions within Google Ads. First rolled out on mobile and now being tested on desktop, Image Extensions allow advertisers to show a thumbnail photo alongside their Google Search Ads. If rolled out to advertisers in the future, Image Extensions would enable multifamily marketers to upload property photos to their multifamily pay per click campaigns. When a prospect conducts a Google search where your PPC ad appears on the search engine results page, an image of your property would show within your ad next to your ad copy. Much like Price Extensions, Image Extensions could help qualify traffic before prospects click on your ads given renters' ability to see what type of product your apartment community offers on the SERP. Ideally, this would lead to more informed clicks to your property website. Prospects who click on these ads would be more knowledgeable about your product-type before they land on your website. Thus, a wiser spend of your PPC ad dollars.

If rolled out of beta, multifamily marketers would not be solely limited to one photo. According to Search Engine Land, Dynamic Image Extensions would allow multifamily marketing teams to upload their own photos or they could allow Google to automatically pull in images from your property website. Image Extensions would be a welcome feature to the multifamily industry

and likely lead to a wiser spend of

PPC ad dollars.



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