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Bye-Bye Clickbait. Google Updates Policy To Remove Clickbait Ads

In a welcome update to its advertising policy, Google has announced a significant change to Google Ads. Their recent announcement will prevent sensationalist or clickbait headlines, text, and imagery that pressure internet users to click on online advertisements. The update aims to provide a more transparent user experience for online searches and to remove misinformation often conveyed by advertisers in their ads. Below is a snapshot of the official announcement from Google on what will no longer be acceptable according to its updated policy:

The impact on multifamily should be minimal at most. Unless your multifamily marketing agency is writing text ads with clickbait-like verbiage, your campaigns should not be impacted. That being said, it's important to ensure such language is not present in your ads by taking a closer look at the policy and confirming with your marketing agency.


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