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Are Your SEM Campaigns Staying Up To Date With Onsite Needs?

When was the last time your onsite teams' need of two bedroom vs. one bedroom traffic impacted your digital marketing strategy? How frequently is your multifamily digital marketing agency altering their bidding based on your vacancy or absorption? Or when was the last time your ad headlines reflected the change in your upfront leasing special? As the monopolized ILS landscape continues to become less competitive, multifamily marketers' ability to be nimble when addressing digital marketing adjustments is becoming less and less of a possibility. Which is why actively managing your apartment SEM/PPC campaigns has arguably become more important now than ever, especially in our new digital world. The catch is how well you manage these campaigns based on your onsite needs.

With property website traffic and apartment searches back in line with seasonal expectations after a slight dip in March, multifamily marketers should look to monitor their search engine marketing campaigns more closely as Summer leasing season is quickly approaching. At Street Digital Media, we communicate with each apartment community we work with on a weekly basis to ensure our online strategy matches what is needed onsite. This includes updates based on retention, vacancy by floor plan type, alterations to upfront concessions, and overall traffic. Doing so, enables our campaigns to match the goals and needs of each property. We encourage multifamily marketing teams to look to do the same in our new virtual world. Managing your SEM campaigns with a property management lens will enable you and your properties to be more strategic in directing traffic to your property websites and better attract prospective renters to your communities.


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