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Are Desktop Searches Bound For A Comeback?

Since the invention of the smart phone, mobile devices have been the centerpiece to digital search. For years, multifamily marketing agencies and marketers have seen their property website traffic increase in mobile vs. desktop users, most recently as high as the 80% vs. 20% range for mobile and desktop, respectively. With more people spending time from home these days, it is worth monitoring the increase in desktop search vs mobile as less people are on the go. Since U.S. governors began implementing state lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders, apartment property website traffic has increased significantly. Street Digital Media is seeing website user traffic up over 70% MOM when comparing April to March with New Users increasing by 70.5% and overall sessions up 58% on desktop alone.

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Given the increase, properly monitoring what is happening on your websites and how prospects are getting there is now more important than ever. Currently, mobile traffic is still taking the lion share of apartment property website traffic and appears to be largely unchanged when comparing to desktop traffic thus far. However, if we continue to work from home and grow more accustomed to our new lifestyles, desktop may see a slight rebound in search and website traffic in the months to come. Equipping your mobile and desktop versions with appropriate content to inform prospects online with proper event and conversion tracking will continue to be important in our "new digital world." Be sure to monitor page speed on both as user behavior may be shifting in the weeks to come.


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