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Google My Business Update For Multifamily Marketers

With increased competition, Google My Business's new update gives marketers an opportunity for their communities to stand out among the rest.

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Updates to your communities' Google My Business Description Could Lead to Positive Impacts on Website Ranking.

Regardless of the unit count that your company or department oversees, it’s important to not lose sight of the fact that each apartment community you oversee, lease up or stabilized, should be treated as a small business. You may have an overarching brand that represents multiple locations, but each property is its own brick and mortar entity. With that in mind, and with the monopolized ILS landscape that’s evolved in multifamily, it’s more important now than ever to ensure Google My Business’s latest feature is up to date and as informative as possible.

First reported by Search Engine Land back in February, Google My Business now offers a “Describe Your Business” to improve your local Google ranking. If you have a brand new lease up in Brickell/Miami, Florida, for example, it is best to include a description along the lines of “Brand New 1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Apartments in Brickell.” Google advises the below to improve you local ranking:

- Enter unique and valuable information that describes your business. The more unique your business name and description are, the easier your customers will find you. A well-organized and clear business profile may provide a better experience for customers, and make it easier for them to find you.

- Example: If someone who lives in Dublin, California is looking for a NY Pizza restaurant and you also own that business, it’d be easier for the customer to find your listing on Google if your description included, “Harry's NY Pizza in Dublin, CA,” instead of only “Harry’s Pizza in CA.”

It may seem obvious, but any opportunity to help each location you oversee in today’s digital landscape should not be overlooked.


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