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Ad Copy During a Global Pandemic

As multifamily marketing teams across the US scramble to operate as smoothly as possible, with as many as 4 out of 5 Americans under lock-down in most areas of the country, it's important to consider what your ads are telling your prospective residents as they search for a new apartment online.

While many residents will renew their leases to maintain social distancing, many will seek to find a home in a new development nearby as their construction comes to a close (real estate construction continues as deemed an essential business). To encourage prospects to visit your community online, it's helpful to show them how your properties are making this stressful (yes, global pandemic + moving= stressful) situation as simple as possible. Updating your multifamily digital marketing headlines with "Virtual Tours Available," "Lease Online," or "View 3D Tours," gives your prospects immediate knowledge of how they can view or lease at your community within the comforts of their own home. This applies to your search engine marketing and social media campaigns as well as adding content to your ILS listings. Many have taken the steps to add such language to their property websites, but taking the extra step to update your ad copy will help show how prospects can find new home with comfort.

Have you updated your ad copy and digital marketing headlines so prospects know how they can see what you have to offer?



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